Limerick Racecourse are proud to be on a new sustainability journey with our long-time partners Mr. Binman.

Every day we are looking at how we can improve as we embark on a journey to become Ireland’s Green Racecourse. Whilst our journey may just be beginning we hope you’ll join us and stick with us until the final furlong.


Limerick Racecourse collaborate with all our partners to avoid the use of single-use plastics

QR codes are provided on tickets that are linking to race cards to reduce paper waste

New LED lights installed in the driveway, parade ring, car park & tote hall since 2022

Hand dryers installed instead of paper towels that were in place in 2022

Irrigation of the track comes from collected rainwater in the racecourse pond

Limerick Racecourse recycling shavings and manure from stables

We provide buses to limit carbon emissions from punters

Sustainable gardening that attracts pollinators

We publish our waste analysis findings after our Christmas Racing Festival, keep an eye out for how we did in 2023